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We are always following all the latest trends in fashion, décor art and design
by following various trend setting sites and social media accounts, and
magazines. Furthermore, we try to visit many trade fairs where all the new
trends are launched.


We believe that serving people properly requires engaging all senses. That’s
why when we approach a hospitality or retail project, we don’t just furnish a
space, but we focus on every tiny detail in order to make sure every sense is
being addressed.


We are always looking for products that are innovative. Whether it is the
design or the material or the process; we want to provide cutting edge
products for our customer’s projects.


Our impeccable attention to detail means we can achieve the highest quality

Global influences

The collections of products we have were very carefully selected from many
companies and designers from around the globe with the aim to provide the
latest in furniture and décor trends.

Full service

Hotel, restaurant, café, shop, spa or even a tower; whatever the project size,
with our extensive list of quality worldwide suppliers we are able to provide a
turnkey solution.


Depending on the project; we can either provide readymade products or
customize to fit many things.

Trusted Partners

We are proud to work with many international brands and designers who makes amazing high quality products.
Here are just a few of them:

Contact Info

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 4737 074