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Building Inspiring Spaces

We are a interior design and fashion company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
We started in 2003 with Red Square multi-brand fashion stores in Riyadh
and Jeddah. We made the name Red Square synonymous with fashion, and
many people recognized our logo. A few years ago, with years of experience
in fashion, we decided reinvent the Red Square brand as an interior
design company. We put together a team that has excellent experience in
decoration, interior design, art and fashion to run it.

Our Metion

We are always on top of the current global trends in décor, fashion, art,
design, architecture and technology. Mixing these elements helps create a
space that is fashionable, elegant and smart, which engage all the senses. We
do that by doing a lot research and travelling, in order to find just the product
that fits with our precise criteria. We are able to find amazing products made
by great designers and artists from around the world that will surely satisfy
even the pickiest customer.

Because we are can provide this caliber of product, makes it easier to work
on different types of projects. The project are residential (which includes:
homes, palaces, gardens or single rooms) and commercial (which includes:
hotels, restaurants, cafes, offices and showrooms). Every space is a treated as
a challenge for us, because we want to create something new and different.
Paying close attention to the smallest detail in every project we work on
makes the final space more refined.
Every space is Reimagined…Restyled…redesigned…refined.

Recent Works

We are always looking for products that are innovative. Whether it is the
design or the material or the process; we want to provide cutting edge
products for our customer’s projects.

Trusted Partners

We are proud to work with many international brands and designers who makes amazing high quality products.
Here are just a few of them:

Contact Info

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 4737 074